Conflicts of Interest Policy

(a) Identification of potential conflicts of interests
Conflicts of interest may occur between Art Spec SRL or its staff and its clients, or between clients, including when (i) Art Spec SRL receives payments or benefits from insurers or intermediaries; (ii) Art Spec SRL allocates incentives or remunerations to its staff relating to commercial targets; (iii) Art Spec SRL staff exercise external mandates.

(b) Measures to manage potential conflicts of interests
Our staff are expected to adopt an independent and neutral position when dealing with clients, and to avoid potential conflicts of interest through the proper exchange and use of information, correct training and supervision, as well as ensure the prevention of the offering or receiving of inducements or gifts, and that all exchanges with clients are carried out in an appropriate, fair and professional manner.

(c) Notification of conflicts of interests
Should it not prove possible to adequately manage a conflict of interest, or should the measures put into place not prove sufficient to preserve the interests of the client, Art Spec SRL will notify the client in a timely and informative manner about the conflict of interest thereby enabling the client to make an informed decision in respect of the service proposed by Art Spec SRL.

(d) Registration of conflicts of interests
Conflicts of interest are recorded in a central register that is updated regularly.

(e) Training and communication
Art Spec SRL provides training and support to staff regarding understanding and managing conflicts of interests.

Remuneration Policy

Art Spec SRL pays close attention to the remunerations or inducements that may be granted to or received from clients or third parties in the context of its insurance activities, whether comprising remuneration from or to a client, remuneration from or to insurers, or third-party remuneration related to the provision of the service to the client, to ensure that such remunerations or inducements are only granted or received inasmuch that they contribute to the improvement of the provision of the service to the client.

Precontractual information (MiFID)

Art Spec SRL is an insurance intermediary registered with the FSMA under no. 104428A. Its head office is located at Avenue Molière 339, B-1180, Brussels (RPM 0899.864.149). The head office of the FSMA is located at Rue du Congrès 12-14, B-1000 Brussels. You can communicate with us in French or English using the details in the “Contact” section of this website. Terms and conditions offered by Art Spec SRL can be requested in writing or by email. Our conflicts of interest and remuneration policies can be viewed here.


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